Pizza Pizza Pie Cafe in Rexburg ID

Pizza Pie Cafe in Rexburg, ID

For Pizza places in Rexburg you can’t do better than Pizza Pie Cafe. It’s your 1 stop shop for a full buffet of pizza, pasta and salad. My favorites are the barbeque and buffalo chicken pizzas. Be sure to try their pasta sauces as dipping sauce, look for the carbinara. They also have 2 event rooms you can reserve.

For a complete menu checkout their website.


240 North 2nd East Rexburg, ID 83440

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Pizza Pie Cafe consitently gets ratings of 4 out of 5 stars. View Reviews.
(208) 359-1123

Mandarin Chicken and Spring Rolls - Mandarin Chinese Restaurant in Rexburg ID

Mandarin Chinese in Rexburg, ID

If you want Chinese in Rexburg there is only the Mandarin. Oh there is other Chinese restaurants in Rexburg but Mandarin has flavor and good service. In our case the lunch menu is where it is at, $5.35 number 10 Mandarin Chicken. It’s a breast slice instead of balls like the traditional sweet and sour chicken.
Back of the menu lunch specials
Menu - Mandarin Chinese Restaurant in Rexburg ID


222 E 7th N Rexburg, ID 83440

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Cherry Cheesecake Pie - Frontier Pies Restaurant in Rexburg ID

Frontier Pies Restaurant in Rexburg, ID

I love Frontier Pies in Rexburg for their pies. They really are great, buy them by the slice or as a whole. In our case we bought a $10 cheery cheese cake, um um good. Now the other other food on the menu and the service can leave a lot to be desired.


460 W 4th South Rexburg, ID 83340

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Checkout the menu on their website.
Monday – Friday 7 am – 9 pm
Saturday 7 am – 10 pm
(208) 356-3600

Bounce House - Crazy Kiddy Jungle Gym - The Craze Fun Zone in Rexburg ID

Crazy Kiddy Jungle Gym – The Craze Fun Zone in Rexburg, ID

So if your kids are bouncing off the walls and you are sick of the free McDonalds or Article Circle indoor play structures the Crazy Kiddy Jungle Gym at The Craze in Rexburg is your answer. Especially in the winter. There is way more room to play and more activities. Just pay $3 per walking kid in the middle back food area to get your wrist band. It’s good all day and you can sit on a coach checking Facebook or watching TV.

Of course the Craze has things for Adults to do as well (Mini golf, laser tag, billiards, air hockey, and my favorite a whole arcade of games). Everything costs extra. And only if you are desperate should you buy food there. And you can reserve the whole downstairs for parties.


30 College Avenue in Rexburg, Idaho 83440

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If you would like to learn more about the pricing and scheduling options for the Crazy Kiddy Jungle Gym checkout their website.
(208) 356-9900